We aim to create cute and stylish spaces, but “on a dime”, without looking cheesy at the same time. It’s possible!

PGF is just a helping hand to make it easy peasy for you to sell a house and get the best results;) No sweat, no wasted time! We’ll do it for you!

Scandi Styling for Sale

If you’re like us, big fan of Modern Scandinavian style, this might come handy for you! Accessories, lighting, small furniture and art will do the trick!  You don’t need to hunt for them anymore, we rolled up our sleeves and are ready to give you a hand! You call it hands-on-staging, we call it styling to make it real for the potential buyer!



Layout Therapy

Have you ever struggled with really weird layout in your house? No matter what you did, the room’s quirky shape doesn’t show its full potential? Well, we’ve got it covered!


Colour Match

Do you know that 40% of paint sales comes from wrong paint choices? You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of getting the right colours for your house and we make sure to find out where you can get a discount currently. Think about the savings of time from right choices! If you have a paint color in mind, we can find you the best match from the cheaper brands. Delivery of paint to your door on demand!


Shopping List

Making a list always saves a lot of time and money as you stick only to what’s necessary. No more vague reports –only concretes! Let’s focus on how to change things, instead of what. That you probably already know! Don’t worry – we will find the items in reasonable prices, in popular stores. This service includes on-site consultation, simple design plan and delivery in electronic form. Affordable and easy!


All takes time. Therefore we recommend you contact us as soon as possible before the planned sale, so we can prepare our best! However, we understand life happens, so we can craft a last-minute service as well.

We cater to your needs, therefore please contact to get specific quote.