1. I’m a real estate agent and have been successfully staging properties for my clients. Why do I need home staging from you? Although we don’t question your results, your core activity is sale. Property styling is something we do professionally and the choice of quality props we offer differs dramatically from the regular home staging agents can ever provide. You might have a good eye and consult your client on what to change, but it’s the little details that once pulled together make an impact. This is your marketing and the better it is, the better you position yourself on the market. Where are you positioned? Low-budget, middle-class or luxury properties?
  2. Do you charge per week for rental of props?No, there is one charge no matter time the property is on the market. 50% upfront deposit is required.
  3. Do you have a warehouse of props? Can I rent furniture from you?We are not a rental company, so we can’t help you there. We own a collection of props we use for our projects gathered over the years.
  4. Do you provide interior design service? No, we are not an interior designer. We do property styling for real estate. Read more on the process above. We generally create a moodboard and the list of props needed for our own purposes.
  5. How fast can you deliver? We require 2 weeks notice before the job can be completed. Having said that, the actual staging installation take about 24-48 hours.
  6. Who takes care of the destaging process? We do, so you don’t have to worry about any disassemble/return of furniture.
  7. How can I pay you? You can send money via e-transfer, credit card, cheque.
  8. Do you provide plants and flowers? Yes. Although plants and flowers are considered a bad investment because they require maintenance, we believe their presence during photoshoot is crucial.